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Kraft Software Solutions, Inc. assists businesses with many aspects of software development. Every solution includes mentoring your staff on processes, designs, and techniques implemented.

  • Software Architecture for Microsoft-Based solutions
  • Application Design for Object-Oriented, multi-tier applications
  • Web-based applications and Windows-based applications
  • Applications based on the CSLA framework
  • Writing code in .Net or Visual Basic 6
  • Automating Application Deployment
  • Automating Software Development Processes
  • Automating Database Management
  • SQL Server Administration and Development
  • Personalized Training

Kraft Software Solutions, Inc. believes in openly sharing knowledge to improve software development everywhere.



I am currently engaged on a full time contract until early 2011. However, I am still available for short contracts, and for free consultations.

Free Referrals:

If you are seeking a reliable independent consultant because I am unavailable, or because you want someone with skills I do not have, or you just want to find someone offering lower rates, then I would be happy to provide you with referrals. I will only recommend consultants that I know personally or that I know due to their excellent repuation in the I.T. community. There is no fee for these referrals. I will only put you in touch with someone I think may be qualified for the position you are trying to fill.

Free Consultations:

Businesses often desire someone to review their architecture direction, software development processes, application design plans, and other aspects of software development. I would be happy to meet with you for up to an hour to review your situation and provide recommendations. I offer this community service because I really want all software to be developed as optimally as possible. I cannot guarantee that I have the most optimal answers, but I can provide your business with a level of comfort in knowing that you are doing the right things, or perhaps point out technologies and processes in the industry that may be of value to you.

Free Consultation to Non-Profits:

I am available for longer consultation on any computer-related needs your non-profit agency may have. Specifically this offer is open to Not-For-Profit organizations providing social services.