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  • Project Download - a download page for my frequent downloads that seems friendly
  • Portals - a portal for .Net Developers.  By portal, I mean an organized list to resources for .Net Developers.
  • Portals - a portal for SQL Server Admins.  By portal, I mean an organized list to resources for SQL Server Admins.
  • Portals - a portal for Project Managers.  By portal, I mean an organized list to resources for Project Managers.
  • Portals - a portal for IT Admins.  By portal, I mean an organized list to resources for IT Admins.
  • SIX - Structured Information Exchange - A technique for making improvement to your software development processes.
  • Programmers Pledge - Programmers Pledge - A site developed to pledges software developers might make about their development.
  • Software Development Blog - My blog on software development.
  • Kansas City User Groups ( - This web site provides a calendar of most, perhaps all, of the computer-related user group meetings occurring around the Kansas City metro.  The site also contains links to all the groups, and posts with information about upcoming meetings.  I use to host the site, and it integrates google calendar to provide an easy month-at-a-glance view of events, and so that you can integrate the calendar into your own google calendar.  The site also links to a twitter account and my blog posts to the site automatically update my twitter feed.
  • www.SimpleSQL.Net - Simple SQL Backup is a program that you can download and use for free to backup and restore SQL Server databases.  This is especially useful for applications based on SQL Server Express because it is much easier to use the SQL Server Management Studio for the simple backup task.  You can also use it to move databases.  I estimate the app is in use by more than 1,000 sites around the world.  I host it on to increase its exposure and increase the confidence of those that use the app that it is safe.


Starting August 15th, 2010, I am porting this list over to my new portal pages. Click here to view them.

Software from Kraft Software Solutions, Inc.

  • Allow all attachments in Outlook - I wrote this little program to modify the registry and allow specific Microsoft Outlook Attachments. It requires .Net 2.0
  • Simple SQL Backup - Easily backup a SQL Server 7.0, 2000, or 2005 database. For NON-Admins.

Software for Developers

  • Database

  • Misc

    • Kids Programming Language - This is a powerful language targeted for kids. Anyone can use it to right nice games or utility programs.


    Visual Studio


  • WebDev

    • Fiddler - Free tool for debugging web-based development.
    • CSSVista - Free tool that allows you to modify CSS and immediately see the results on both IE and FireFox.
    • XML Notepad - A simple to use interface for browsing and editing XML documents.
    • Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar - Provides a nice alternative to viewing page source for debugging web pages.
    • HTTPWatch - Great tool for helping see all the files transferred between IE and the web server.
    • Firebug - Great tool for helping you debug and build apps that run in Firefox.
    • Firebug Lite - Firebug Lite has many of the features of Firebug, but it works in IE, Safari, and Opera too.
    • Toolbar to capture web pages - Captures page EXACTLY as you see it. Look it up again later.
    • ASP.Net Downloads - A lot of free add-on tools for ASP.Net development.
    • ASP.Net Community - Free tools, controls and more built by your peers.
    • CodeRush Express - A free version of the awesome CodeRush project that makes Visual Studio .Net developers more productive.
    • Eqatec Profiler - Free code profiler. Find out what methods in your code are the slowest.


    • Audio

    • Files and Backups

      • IZARC - zip and unzip utility - Free utility without nag screens for zipping and unzipping.
      • FileZilla - FTP utility - A "must have" for people that use FTP frequently.
      • Microsoft SyncToy - This free add-on utility is great for backing up your home computers. It only backs up files that are new or have changed which means that, after your first backup, all the rest of the backups take a lot less time which makes you more likely to backup more often. You can also automate it.
      • Everything - I have long been frustrated by how slow or ineffective that windows explorer is at searching for files on my hard drive. This program is MUCH MUCH MUCH faster! For example, if I search for all .jpgs on my hard dr ive using Windows Explorer it takes several minutes; but Everything takes about 1 second to list 50,000 matching files. It is a blazing fast way to find files.
    • Graphics

      • Google Sketchup - Free 3D modeling program - model your house, or other buildings and places.
      • TrueSpace 7.6 - Free 3D modeling program - lots of tutorials too!.
      • Paint.Net - Not quite photoshop, but very powerful for free graphics-editing software.
      • Picasa Photo Manager - Google's Picasa program runs on your desktop and helps organize photos.
      • VSO Image re-sizer - A free tool for easily resizing images.
      • Blender 3D Modeling - Software for creating 3D images and animation.
      • Smush IT - Free online site to resize your images smaller to optimal size. A performance improvement tool for web sites.
    • I.T. Support

      • TeamViewer Desktop Sharing - Easy to install for both host and client. Great for supporting your relatives with troubleshooting their problems.
      • Ultra VNC Desktop Sharing - My favoritve VNC package with good security and file sharing built in.
      • Belarc Advisor - This free program gathers information about all the software installed on your computer. It is very simple to use and include some hardware information. It also showed my mey service tag.
      • Simple SQL Backup - Easily backup a SQL Server 7.0, 2000, or 2005 database. For NON-Admins.
      • SQL Log Rescue - Recover data from the SQL Server Transaction Logs.
      • Active Hard Disk Monitor - This free tools monitors disk space and disk performance including internal temperature.
    • Internet

    • Misc

    • Security

      • AVG Anti-Virus - I currently do not run this automatically on my Windows Vista PC. Vista allows some programs to lock the CPU and this appears to be one of those programs. It is still the only anti-virus I have installed and I run it occasionally.
      • 15 Free Security Programs - An article that tells about 15 free, high-quality security programs.
      • Secunia Personal Software Inspector - Tells you if all of your software is up-to-date (latest version, bugs fixed, etc. ).
      • 10 Free Security Programs - An article that tells about 10 free, high-quality security programs.
      • Nessus - Vulnerability Scanner.
      • Snort - Intrusion Detection and Prevention.
      • TCPDump - Network Monitoring of TCP/IP Packets.
      • Kismet - Wireless Sniffing.
      • Nmap - Network Mapping Tool.
      • John the Ripper - Password Cracker.
      • Forensic Toolkit - Scan NTFS disk for unauthorized activity.
    • Web Site

      • DotNetNuke - A free VB.Net based software package that can provide a web site f or you.
      • Drupal - A Free Content Manager Solution.
      • Host Tracker - Web site with free option for monitoring the up-time of your site.
      • Pingomatic to get your blog noticed - Helps get your blog listed on blog aggregate sites like technorati.
      • LinkTiger - They will validate the links on your site on a regular basis for free. They will send you a weekly e-mail with the results.
      • Quick Highlighter - Use this site to format your source code in HTML the way it would look in its native environment. For example, you can paste a block of C# code into the site and it will generate the HTML you need to embed in a web page to keep the code looking like C# in Visual Studio when shown on the web page.

      Web Surfing Utilities

      • Web Surfing

        Educational Resources

        • Audio (podcasts)

          • Pwop Productions - Producers of several OUTSTANDING podcasts. If you have an MP3 player and a little drive time, I HIGHLY recommend these quality programs that will provide you great insight into the many technologies available today. I particularly recommend .Net Rocks for .Net developers and architects; and also Hansel Minutes.
          • ARCCast at Channel 9 - As good as DotNetRocks is, the podcasts from ArcCast with Ron Jacobs are even better, particularly for Architects. The tough questions are asked to provide you a good understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of every product.
          • Run as Radio - IT Focused podcasts by Richard Campbell.
        • Training Videos

          Mailing Lists to be on

          • Architecture

            • Application Development Trends - The site provides regular e-mails with useful content for developers and architects.
            • Dr. Dobbs - I think Dr. Dobbs is making a come back. Long ago they represented the best in IT resources, and now they may be the best again. Great technical depth and concept overviews for programmers, developers, and architects.
          • Project Mgmt

            • 4PM - Project Management Portal -


            • Office


              • Family Fun

              • RolePlay

                • RuneScape - Perhaps the most popular free online massive multi-player environment. Go on quests, interact with others, and make friends.
                • Second Life - A very popular free massive multi-player environment. More like SIMS than most games. It is not about combat and quests. It is about socializing, and making real money.
                • Google Lively - Google's 2nd-Life like 3D world.
                • Cabal - Cabal is an online MMORG.


                • Audio

                  • ITunes - ITunes is a great, free, audio-file player, even if you don't have an Ipod.

                  Info Online

                  • Books Online

                  • C#

                    • C# FAQ at Microsoft - C# developers should take a few minutes to see what this site has to offer.
                  • Security


                    • I.T. Support


                      • Graphics

                      • Files and Backups

                        • - Free Intern et Sync and Backup.
                        • Mozy - Free Internet Sync and Backup.
                        • Microsoft - Free Internet Sync and Backup.


                        • Office

                          • FoxIt - Alternative, fast PDF reader.