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Kraft Software Solutions - Independent Consultant

KCX Inc.

  • Software Project Manager for development of software for sale to general merchandise stores to run cash registers, manage inventories and manage back office.
    • Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Studio VB, ASP.NET, CSLA, SQL Server
    • SourceSafe
  • Designed and Developed a system for customers to report bugs, make enhancement requests, and submit support issues through the web. The system is also now a heavily used knowledgebase. The system also has a desktop module that provides more extensive search features and report generation features. The system is used to schedule and prioritize almost all projects and software development at KCX.
    • Visual Basic 6.0, InterDev, and SQL Server.
  • Involved in nearly all aspects of a Software development business
      Developed a Marketing Plan for the business
      Developed hiring guidelines
      Conducted interviews and recommended potential employees
      Analyzed Skillsets at KCX and Skill needs
      Provided internal training sessions
      Produced training plans for employees
      Employee assessment and evaluation
      Coordinated semi-annual user conferences
      Produced monthly newsletter for customers
  • Project Management
      Created long-term software development plans
      Prioritized projects and work
      Set project deadlines and schedules
      Analyzed project risks
  • Research, Requirements and Design
      Researched retail trends, tax laws, and new technologies applicable to retail
      Developed architecture and design plans
      Clarified requirements with customers
  • Process Improvement
      Automated many software development processes to reduce changes of error and save time
      Developed regression test plan, project plan templates, and test plan templates
      Wrote program to perform automated regression testing
      Implemented source code control and automated builds
  • Coding, Deployment, and Support
      Developed .Net Frameworks for all new application development. The framework uses inheritance for all forms, CSLA inheritance for all business objects, and can be used for both GUI and web Apps
      Wrote code (Visual Basic 6 and VB.Net) for SQL Server.
      All application functions work on NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, and Windows Vista
      All application functions work on SQL Server 7.0, SQL Server 2000, and SQL Server 2005
      Created deployment packages
      Created software documentation with RoboHelp, Webex, and MS Word
  • Internal Technology Support and Development
      Tested and certified applications with Microsoft for partnership status
      Implemented KCX's DotNetNuke web site
      Maintained internal IT servers for KCX including MS Exchange, VPN, and wireless network
      Mentored other developers
  • The software I primarily worked on used Visual Basic (various versions) and SQL Server. It provides a Point-of-sale solution for high-volume discount retailers with large stores. The suite also includes back office functions, and software for RF Guns. Some parts of the solution use SQL Server Replication to exchange data across the companys' intranets.

Advanced Technology Solutions:

  • Software Project Manager for development of software for resale to city governments. Planned and coordinated staff of 5 - 10 for multiple projects. Established SDLC and framework for all development. Provided transition to Object-Oriented design techniques and multi-tier development. Also provided database support and C++ programming.
    • Microsoft C++, Visual Basic 5.0, SQL Server, Oracle, Access
    • StarTeam, Internally developed Bug Tracking System
  • Provided expert SQL Server consultation, training, and performance enhancements for multiple clients.
  • Wrote Visual Basic 5.0 user interface to call center system.


  • Wrote chapters in a book called Using SQL Server 7.0 published by Que.
  • Taught a class on Project Management and the System Development Life Cycle at DeVry Institute of Technology.
  • Presented Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 at Developers Day Conference in Kansas City on 3/19/1997.
  • Presented Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 at Developers Day Conference in Kansas City on 9/2/1998.

Empower Trainers & Consultants, Inc.:

  • Taught classes on Visual Basic 3.0, 4.0 and SQL Server 6.0, 6.5
  • SQL Administrator hired to optimize performance of SQL Servers at TransAmerica Life.
  • SQL Administrator hired to improve performance of SQL Servers at Midland-Grau.
  • SQL Administrator hired to convert an Access database to SQL Server.
  • Access Programmer as consultant to develop a small application.

Federal Reserve Bank:

Client Server

  • Planned and implemented server hardware and software upgrades. Developed Disaster Recovery and Change Control guidelines. Administered NetWare and GroupWise accounts.
  • Lead project to develop an incentive pay system. Project involved gathering user requirements, providing cost estimates, design and programming of application, coordination of efforts of other people, implementation and ongoing support. Application was written in VB 3.0 and merged mainframe and manually entered data in MS SQL Server.
  • Lead project to develop fees tracking system. Application written in VB; data stored in MS SQL Server. Data is imported monthly from an RBASE system and data is uploaded to the Mainframe. Responsible for all phases of SDLC.
  • Lead project to develop stock shares tracking system. Application was written in VB; data stored in MS SQL Server, interfaced with other SQL Server applications, mainframe, and WordPerfect. Responsible for all phases of SDLC. Application was also distributed to other Federal Reserve Banks.
  • Supported Executive Information System consisting of 14 programs (two of which I coded). VB and SQL Server. Users on many different Novell servers, including servers located in Denver, Oklahoma City, and Omaha accessed application.
  • Projects undertaken with my own initiative:
  • Lead development of System Development Life Cycle for PC Development.
  • Developed change control procedures for applications developed in PC environment; converted all existing applications to conform to the new procedures.
  • SQL Server Administrator (backup) – adding users, creating and loading tables and views for other programmers.
  • Wrote VB program to track relevant information for each application we develop and generate change request forms.
  • Wrote VB program to scan all VB source code directories for specific text strings in program code.
  • Wrote VB program to assist programmers in determining who has access to what tables and views.
  • Wrote VB program for department employees to enter weekly work schedules.


  • Lead effort to move several systems from local mainframe to a mainframe in Dallas.
  • Lead effort to merge our accounting system with the accounting system of another FED.
  • Lead analyst for critical customer accounting system. Responsible for enhancements and disaster recovery preparation. Coordinated implementation of enhancements on multiple projects.
  • Participated in development of first national system for the FED.
  • Supported DP cost distribution system.
  • Lead analyst for development of electronic delivery system for checks information to banks.
  • Shared responsibility for development of DB2 based project management system.
  • Lead analyst for overdraft and billing systems. Shared responsibility for implementation of national government survey system of banking information.
  • Recognized for programs to increase employee efficiency.